Valley of Göreme

The valley of Göreme with its many churches is one of the most visited places of Cappadocia. Most of the churches were built after the Arab invasions in 11BC. In Byzantine times Göreme became a diocesan town and was purely a monastic community.

You can see the Basillus Church from the time before the iconoclastic controversy, the Elmalı Church with a scene of the baptism of Jesus Christ, the Barbara Church with its unusual paintings, the Yilanli Church taking its name from a depiction of a snake.

The most important church is the Karalik Church, the ‘dark church’. The church was discovered very late and because very little light entered the church the frescoes have retained their brightness. The frescoes show scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and the Evangelists and are dated from the 11th century.

Outside of the museum area of Göreme there is also one of the biggest churches in Cappadocia, the Tokali Church from the 10th century which was enlarged in the 11th century. In the older part of the church you see the story of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist; in the newer part is one of the nicest frescoes from the Macedonian renaissance.

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