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Villa Columba was built in 1885 by Cappadocian architects as a family residence for wealthy businessmen from Istanbul. The walls were built in a double row of stone blocks which has been a building tradition for over two thousand years.

The ground floor rooms have vaulted ceilings whereas the upper floor rooms have wooden ones. Some rooms are decorated with frescoes.

The courtyard is paved with stone blocks and there is a cellar carved out of the solid rock in the basement. Behind the house there is also a large garden.

Villa Columba, Sümer Sok. No 10, Musatafapaşa Kasabası, Ürgüp - Cappadocia - Nevşehir - Turkey
Tel: +90 384 3535030, 3535058 - Fax: +90 384 3535430 - Email:

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